Ансамбль Ерванда Маргаряна и Нары Аракелян. Истинный ген/ Yervand Margaryan & Nara Arakelyan Group. True gene

Серия «Виртуозы джаза. XXI век»

Digi-pack + booklet

Yervand Margaryan & Nara Arakelyan Group
True gene

Ансамбль Ерванда Маргаряна и Нары Аракелян
Истинный ген

  1. Qamancha (Sayat Nova)   10:16
  2. Esor Urbat e (Komitas)   08:00
  3. Es Gisher Lusnyak Gisher (Komitas)   05:22
  4. AI Ayloughs (Komitas)   07:57
  5. Qele Qele (Komitas)   11:37

    Total time — 43:32

Дата релиза/ Released — 13.03.2020

  Первый диск Ансамбля из Армении Ерванда Маргаряна и Нары Аракелян в равной степени представляет гениальную музыку двух легендарных армянских композиторов Саят Новы и Комитаса, талантливые аранжировки Нары Аракелян и блистательное исполнение участников записи, в частности, двух лидеров проекта — трубача Ерванда Маргаряна и пианистки Нары Аракелян.

  «Идея обратиться к истинному гену армянской музыки — музыке великих армянских композиторов и музыкантов разных эпох Саят Новы и Комитаса — возникла у нас давно. И вот наконец-то случай представился. В 2019 году Армения, так же как и все мировое сообщество, справляла 150-летие великого армянского композитора Комитаса. И мы решили внести свою лепту в это празднование. На этом диске представлены четыре композиции Комитаса и одна композиция Саят Новы. Цель этого проекта — довести до слушателей как в России, так и во всем мире всю мелодичность, красочность, самобытность и импровизационность армянской музыки через призму современного джазового звучания. Несомненно, музыка лучше слов передаст Вам всю красоту, глубину и атмосферность альбома, родившегося благодаря необычному смелому симбиозу таких разных культур и традиций». (Из аннотации к диску)

  The idea to turn to the true gene of the Armenian music, the music of the great Armenian composers and musicians of different eras, Sayat Nova and Komitas, arose long ago. But in the stream of numerous projects, concerts and tours, there was no time to delve into this incredible and amazing layer, that is the true gene of Armenia and present it through its perception. And finally, the case presented itself. In 2019, Armenia, as well as the entire world community, celebrated the 150th anniversary of the great Armenian composer Komitas. And we decided to contribute to this celebration. On this CD the listener will hear four compositions by Komitas and one composition by Sayat Nova.
  All arrangements belong to the talented pianist Nara Arakelyan. Nara approached all these compositions with great love and effort. Her goal was to emphasize as much as possible the melodiousness and originality of Sayat Nova's and Komitas's music, through the prism of the sound of a modern jazz band in the style of ethno, fusion and contemporary jazz. For the first time in the history of Armenian music, she made transcriptions of their compositions for trumpet and flugelhorn. Originally all works of Komitas were composed and performed by singers at the time. There are a lot of academic arrangements for piano, violin, string ensemles, and we cannot say the same about trumpet and flugelhorn. This CD can be really called the world premiere in this regard.
  As for the title of the composition "Qamancha" by Sayat Nova, the name speaks for itself. Qamancha is an old bowed musical instrument that was very common in Armenia and Georgia, where Sayat Nova was born, lived and worked. Sayat Nova perfectly mastered this instrument and dedicated one of his compositions to Qamancha. On this CD, the melody of the composition, as has already been mentioned, will be played for the first time on flugelhorn.
  The group members, that took part in the recording of the disc, are the guitarist Hamlet Nalbandyan, bass guitarist Surik Zaqaryan and drummer Sash Aghamyan.

  Dear listeners, we sincerely wish you a pleasant listening! We'll be happy to hear about your impressions on our pages on Facebook and Instagram, and you can also write to us by e-mail: ervandjazz@yahoo.com and nnnjazz@gmail.com. Subscribe to our channel on YouTube.
  With love from Armenia!

  "It's a deep pleasure to listen to this new recording of the great trumpet player from Armenia Yervand Margaryan! Is not easy to find a Jazz musician so complete in all the sences as Yervand is, his beautiful sound, his time feeling, his wonderful lines, his overall swing, his ideas! All this particularities are combine with the fantastic concept of mixing jazz with Armenian music wich makes this recording to be extreme exiting and unique!
  Here we have also the great piano player Nara Arakelyan that not only shows her incredible talent as a jazz musician and instrumentalist, but also as an outstanding arranger as well! The rest of the musicians colaborates fantastically to make this CD as one of a kind record!
  Congratulations to all envolved for the amazing result!"
 (Gustavo Bergalli, legendary jazz trumpeter and bandleader, Argentina)

  "Very professional and attentive work to every detail. Played with technique and heart. Excelent CD! Congratulations!" (Gianni Di Crescenso, jazz pianist and bandleader, Italy)

  "What joy it gave me to listen to the new CD of my friend Yervand Margaryan and his group performing a great fusion of traditional Armenian music with a very nice Jazzy concept. Congratulations! Your friend Ramon Flores". (Ramon Flores, legendary trumpet player, Mexico, USA)

  "I know trumpeter Yervand Margaryan and jazz pianist Narine Arakelyan for a long time, when they were new in the field of music. The first steps of their two were very promising, and now listening to the talented musicians with a good taste, you penetrate into their rich musical world, which is full of expectations, new achievements and interesting solutions in the discovery of musical compositions.
  This diversity helps you to be understandable not only to the Armenian audience, but also the audience of different countries of the world. The interpretations of their works are very interesting, in which jazz and classical elements are comprised, the elements which are in harmony with the achievements of world music".
 (Aram Satyan, Honored worker of Arts, professor, the head of the Union of composers of Armenia)

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